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Tower of CANS!

2011-01-25 18:59:24 by crumbleshake

Me and my good friend Booshie took it upon ourselves to begin the epic task of making a pyramid of every can of soft drink we have whilst we are together. The pyramid is to be situated on my window sill and I'm sure we both hope the pyramid to fill the entire window. This certainly doesn't seem an interesting enough topic for a news post but who gives a damn? Yes, we have too much time. Thankyou x

Tower of CANS!


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2011-01-26 11:26:07

Hell yeaaahh


2011-01-26 12:39:46

me and my friends dit this with fl├╝gel bottles.
it did not turned out well becouse whe had to drink it all away first.
ow well. good luck with it :D

(Updated ) crumbleshake responds:

Yeah, I felt like shit the next day because we drank all of these in one day.

Plus diarrhoea...